Your Starting Point for the 2018 Soccer Season

Long Term Player / Athlete Development

The Valley East Soccer Club is dedicated to long term player/athlete/coach/referee development with its various programs with Challenger British Soccer Camp.  Similar to other clubs, we aim to not only produce good-natured, competitive athletes, but to also aid in the development of future adults.


Please read the following explanations of the Long Term Development / Athlete Development models and if you have any question, please contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter!


Weather Policy

The VESC always strives to ensure that all games are played, however sometimes cancellations are required. If the City informs us that the fields are closed we will post on our Facebook page a what games are cancelled. We will also do our best to post on our main page of our website that some or all games are cancelled.

If you are not informed by your team's coach and/or a posting on the VESC Facebook/Website pages, then attend the field.
The VESC's Lightning Policy

Games may be cancelled due to the following conditions:

  • Heavy or torrential rain (more likely in the younger age groups) which has been persistent during the hours and/or days preceding the game. Even if there is no rain or clouds in the sky at game time!
  • Thunderstorms which are imminent or threatening.
  • Extreme heat or very high humidity levels.
  • Too few players for one or both teams.
  • Unsatisfactory field conditions that cannot be fixed within a reasonable time frame.


Under the following conditions, a game may be cancelled by:

  • The Greater City of Sudbury, the VESC's Club Head Referee/Club Head Assistant Referee, the VESC scheduler or the VESC President. Either before the game, at game time or during a game.
  • At game time or during the game, on the field by the referee in the event of poor weather or too few players.
  • In the absence of a referee by the two coaches.
  • In all weather circumstances we try to have the well-being of the players at heart, and ask that you understand this if a decision to cancel during a game occurs.
  • At any time, a parent can withdraw their child from play if they feel the weather is threatening or the field conditions are unsatisfactory.

2018 Free Challenger Development Program

Here is the Development Schedule for the 2018 season. Take advantage of this free opportunity to develop and further your skills!


The VESC follows “FIFA’s Laws of the Game” with the following highlights and modifications:

Game Length

  • Under 12 and Under 14
    Two 30 minute halves, 5 minute half-time
  • Under 18
    Two 35 minute halves, 5 minute half-time


Ball Size

Home team shall supply a minimum of two (2) game balls

  • Under 12 - Size 4
  • Under 14 and Under 18 - Size 5



All divisions

  • Max 11 players (one player must be designated as the goalkeeper)
  • Min 7 players (one player must be designated as the goalkeeper)



In all divisions, substitutions may only be done during the following stoppages, and only with the referee’s permission:

  • Kick Offs
  • Goal Kicks
  • Half-time
  • Throw In (opponents can substitute only if possessing team substitutes)
  • Injury (only for the injured player)

ALL substitutions are to enter at the halfway line of the bench side. Substitutions must wait until the player is off the field before the sub may enter the field.



The ball is kicked from any point within the goal area by a player of the defending team. The ball is in play when it is kicked out of the penalty area.


Link to VESC specific rules

Rules - U6

Rules - U8 and U10

Rules - U12 to U18

Other Policies & Procedures


The VESC uses the CSA guidelines for the following:


Training & Development

For those looking to further their career or continue playing outside of the VESC, please check out the following links:

What You Need

What everyone must wear - soccer players cannot play without the following items:

  • VESC Jersey
  • Shorts
  • Shin Pads
  • Socks that fully cover their shin pads
  • Running shoes or soccer cleats - cleats are recommended, especially the older your children get


Strongly Suggested

  • Water/juice
  • Sunscreen - minimum 30SPF applied before every game/practice
  • Bug repellent


Prohibited Items

  • Hats - especially baseball caps!
  • Jewellery - The only exception is medical alert bracelets but they MUST be taped down or put under a sweatband.
  • Hard Casts - Padding is not acceptable to cover a hard cast.