Frequently Asked Questions

House League Questions

Q: When does the 2018 outdoor season start?
A: The season is tentatively planned to begin on June 4th for Under 4 to Under 18 divisions.  The Under 3 will commence on the following Sunday June 10th. Start dates are conditional based on City approval of the fields.


Q: How long does the season last?
A: The 2018 season is tentatively planned to run from June 4th until Sunday, August 12th.


Q: When will the VESC Festival & Tournament be held?
A: This year a VESC Festival is scheduled for the June 23 & 24th weekend. Our playoffs will run from Tuesday, August 7th to Sunday, August 12th. Playoff game schedules will be posted in late July.




Player's Equipment Questions

Q: I am a first time player, what do I need to play soccer with the VESC?
A: You will receive included in your registration fee; a jersey, socks and a pair of shorts. You will need to purchase outdoor soccer shoes and soccer shin guards. Soccer shin guards are mandatory to play and you will not be allowed to play without wearing a pair of shin guards that provide reasonable protection.


Q: What should I bring to the game?
A: Wear your complete uniform. It is important that you bring plenty of water to the game regardless of the weather. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen!


Q: Can I wear a hat?
A: No hats are allowed on the field of play.

Exceptions to this are: 1) The goalkeeper may wear a hat, or 2) An outfield player may be permitted for medical reasons on the presentation of a letter signed by a medical professional and validated by the District Association and a copy to the OSA. In this circumstance:

  • the hat may not be a baseball cap, and;
  • If cap has a peak it must face forwards and have a soft peak and;
  • contains no metal or plastic parts.


Q: Can I wear jewellery while playing soccer?
A: All items of jewellery (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather bands, rubber bands etc.) are strictly forbidden and must be removed. Using tape to cover jewellery is not acceptable.

Loose beaded hair is also not permitted unless tied back or covered by a net.

Exceptions to this interpretation are:

  • Smooth wedding bands, which, when the referee is convinced cannot be removed may be taped. (not the CSA position but understand in recreational soccer it would be accepted)
  • Medic Alert Bracelets are allowed. Where possible they should be the soft Velcro style which does not present any danger. If the medical alert bracelet is the normal metal type it should be either covered by a sweat band or taped. If taped the taping should be such that the description of the medical problem is clearly visible.

Registration Questions

Q: What method of payment is accepted?
A: For in person registration, we accept cash or cheque. Online registration can be completed through PayPal using most credit cards.

Q: How do I know what age division I and/or my child can play in?
During Registration Period we will have a list of corresponding ages and divisions posted on our website.

Q: Can my child play in a lower age division?
A: To keep the divisions both fair and safe under OSA rules, we are not allowed to register a child to play in a lower age division.

Q: Can my child play in a higher age division?
A: Yes, provided there is a spot available in the next higher age division. Any child in divisions U8 to U14 can advance to the next higher age division.

Q: Can I request my child to be placed on the same team as their friends in any of the youth divisions?
A: No. We only accommodate player requests when parents have agreed to coach the team together.

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