Resources for Professional Development

Coaching Development

The coaches at the Valley East Soccer Club are volunteers, and are therefore instructed on how to teach the youth players respect and fair play. All other training that coaches take care of are generally from their previous experience within the game of soccer.

However, all imported coaches for our training programs such as the British Youth Camps are highly qualified coaches.

We will however look to improve the development of our coaches so that our players can continue to develop as well. We will continue to provide links to coaching clinics within Sudbury and Ontario for those who are looking to become competitive coaches. Check out our website and our Facebook for more information.

How to Apply

Our soccer association would not survive without the help of our volunteer coaches. The coaches of the Valley Easy Soccer Club volunteer at least 2 days a week for 2hrs to take responsibility of youth soccer teams between the ages of 6-18.

If you are willing to volunteer your time to help coach and guide our youth players please email us at or leave a message on our Facebook page. Upon acceptance to be a coach, we ask for all of our coaches to get a criminal check every 2 years. The VESC will reimburse all costs of the criminal check, but it is required before the season begins.

If you are an enthusiastic individual willing to give some time every week helping some of our youth soccer plays, please reach out!

Criminal Record Checks

Please refer to Article 13 of our Valley East Soccer Club constitution for requirements for Coaches to have Criminal Record Checks (CRCs).

Further details on how to obtain one - **COMING SOON**

Click link for PDF ==>VESC Constitution (2018)

VESC Coach Duties

  1. Read the VESC’s Mini Field Soccer Rules and Full Field Soccer Rules. Please direct any questions to the Head Referee or Club Administrator.
  2. Teach your players to play fair and to respect the rules and laws of the game.
  3. Teach the appropriate skills and reinforce what was learned in lower levels.
  4. Everyone deserves equal playing time! Avoid over-playing talented players.
  5. Never ridicule and/or yell at players for making mistakes or for losing. Remember, children play for fun and satisfaction.
  6. Teach your team to respect both the opposing team and the referees.
  7. Remember that children need a coach that they can respect. Be generous with deserved praise and set a good example.
  8. Keep informed on sound coaching principles based on the principle of growth and development of children.
  9. Ensure that all game sheets are properly filled in and signed for every game. Our referees will be informed to be diligent about this.
  10. Any comments, questions and/or concerns about players, spectators, equipment, fields, referees, etc., should be directed to the Head Referee. It will then be directed to the person responsible for the particular issue.
  11. Coaches are responsible for the equipment given to them at the beginning of the season and ensuring the appropriate items are returned to the VESC on the last day of the Playoffs.
  12. Please fill out completely your player evaluation forms that you will receive from the VESC.